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About Library

The Central Library was established in 1950. It houses need based collection of books, journals & periodicals (both print and electronic forms). Spread over an area of 4,000 sqft, it provides home lending of books, reading room facility and reference services. Photocopying facilities for students are also available. Apart from the Central Library, each department of the college also has its own Seminar Library. The library provides UGC INFLIBNET-NLIST membership for online journals & books. KOHA- an Open Source Software is being used for computerization of the library resources. Besides OPAC (on line public access catalogue), card catalogue informs users about the books available in the library. Collection of Brail books helps special users. Preservation of books is done on regular basis.

Library Mission

  • To support the teaching- learning and research activities of the Institution by providing comprehensive resources and services.

Library Vision

Collaborating with the academics of the College, the Library is:

  • Dedicated, towards delivering of quality information, making the library a place that provides basic conditions for lifelong learning of the users.
  • Dynamic, towards collection, organization, preservation and dissemination of information and creation of a favourable environment for users of the library anticipating and responding to their changing information seeking behaviours.

Best Practices

  • A C Reading Room for Student Users.
  • C C TV Surveillance.
  • Feed Back from Students.
  • Career related magazines.
  • Wi- Fi enabled Internet facility.

Services & Facilities

  • WEB-OPAC (to be introduced shortly)

Library Resources

  • Books: 86718
  • Journals & Periodicals: 52
  • E books: Available from NLIST
  • E journals: Available from NLIST
  • C D: 50

The Team


Dr. Arun Kumar Roy

Supporting Staff

Smt. Rina Sarkar (Majumder)
Sri Jyotirmoy Roy
Sri Sudip Kumar Ghosh
Smt. Ratna Mazumder (Barik)

Rules & Regulations

Working Hours

  • Monday to Friday: 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.
  • Saturday: 9.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.
  • During Examination: as usual timing
  • Vacation : 11.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m

Library Cards: The College library provides book lending cards to its students which enable them to borrow books from the library. Two library cards are issued to each newly admitted 1st year degree student in the first week of September. To get such cards, a student needs to produce his/her college Identity Card and the Admission Receipt. One card is issued to each 1st year M.Sc. / M.A. student, after one month of admission, on production of similar documents as above. The library-card for M.Sc. / M.A., students are meant for two years and no renewal is necessary at the end of the 1st year.

Renewal of Cards: UG Students, moving to 2nd /3rd year degree classes, are required to renew their Library Cards, approximately in the first week of September.

Issue of Books: UG students may borrow 2 books at a time, for a period of 15 days. To borrow a book, one needs to submit a requisition slip the day before the issuance day. Information regarding days and time for issue of books for different classes are to be had from the notice board of the library.

Return of Books: Books may be returned on any weekdays from 11 a.m to 3 p.m.

Overstay Fine: A student, keeping a book beyond 15 days without renewal, will be charged a fine of 25 paisa for every extra day. Students appearing for the University Examinations are advised to deposit the books at proper time after the examinations are over, failing which they will be charged a fine of Re.1 per day (details are given on the back side of the Library Card).

Loss of or Damaged Of Books

  • Any book lost/damaged/defaced must be replaced by the borrowing member of the staff. If the book is one of a set or series, and the volume cannot be obtained singly, the same or the latest edition of whole set or series must be replaced at the reader’s cost. Should the book lost be rare or irreplaceable, the member of the library concerned must tender the current market price or such amount as might be determined as equivalent or appropriate compensation for the loss.
  • For any damage found at the time of retuning of an issued document, the borrower has to pay a cost for the repair of the same.

Clearance Certificate:

  • A Student/Research scholar must return books/cards latest within 3 days of the conduct of last examination/submission of thesis, before leaving the College. Every user must return all books, settle all Library dues (if any), and also get a No-dues Clearance Certificate from the Librarian.
  • Members are required to produce their Library Card as well as “seminar library clearance certificate” from the HOD/In-charge of the Seminar library to get Clearance Certificate.