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Admission M.A./M.Sc.


Members of PG Board of Studies

  1. Professor Gour Gopal Maiti (Kalyani University)
  2. Professor Nanda Dulal Paria (Ex-Prof. University of Calcutta)
  3. Dr. Sanjoy Guha Roy (West Bengal State University)
  4. Professor Parthadeb Ghosh (Kalyani University)
  5. Professor Jukta Adhikari (Barasat Govt. College)

Fees of PG courses (2018-19)

Rs. 160/- per month

Subject Semester Total Marks
Microbiology & Laboratory Safety (T+P); Cryptogamic Botany (T+P); Plant Pathology (T+P); Paleobotany, Palynology and Plant Anatomy (T+P) Semester I 320
Cell Biology (T+P); Genetics and Genomics (T+P); Biotechnology (T+P); Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy (T+P) Semester II 320
Plant Systematics (T+P); Ecology (T+P); OP1: CBC for Zoology; CBC of Zoology; SC: instrumentation and Biostatistics; Dissertation Semester III 280
Plant Physiology, Biochemistry and Biostatics (T+P); Molecular Biology (T+P); OP2; Dissertation Semester IV 280

Eligibility criteria for PG admission:

Honours graduate in Botany with Chemistry combination from any recognized university of India.