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B.A./B.Sc. SEM 2/4 Examination 2020

General Instructions

On the basis on the guidelines on Sem-II and Sem-IV CBCS Examination 2020 of West Bengal State University, this is to inform all concerned that Sem-II and Sem-iv CBCS Examination 2020 of WBSU are going to be held on and from 15.12.2020. Examination schedule is now available on the University and College website as well. On the date of examination students can download question paper of respective subject and of respective paper from the University website www.wbsuexams.net or from the college website www.bgc.org.in using their registration numbers or from the respective students WhatsApp group. On each date of examination, question paper will be available after 10:30 am(first half exam) and 1:30 pm (second half exam) or a little later.

For convenience of evaluation, students are advised to write answers on A4 size paper only. They have to write their registration numbers and roll number on top of each page of the answer scripts. They are also advised to write page numbers indicating the total number of pages used. For example, if a student uses 8 A 4 papers to write his/her answers, the page numbers should be indicated as"Page:1/8, page 2/8, page 3/8......., Page 8/8".In any case the students should not write their names anywhere on the answer scripts. They have to submit their answer scripts in a single PDF file after clear Scanning and checking properly to their respective departments of their college through e-mail. If E-mailing is not available students should use WhatsApp. On each day of examination theses email address and WhatsApp number where answer scripts have to sent, will be available on the college website with the question paper. Students must upload a copy of admit card with answer scripts and they have to complete online submission of written answer scripts within 1 hour after completion of examination of each day/Date.

Any student having difficulty in uploading their answer script should submit the same to the College in a properly sealed envelope by the student himself/herself or through authorized representative along with a copy of admit card. However, the entire procedure of online answer scripts submission should be completed within the college hours of the same day/date of the Examination.


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